IRA Gift

Make a Gift to the CMA from Your IRA

A Special Opportunity for Those at least 70 ½ Years Old

You can give any amount from your IRA directly to the CMA without having to pay taxes on the amount given as part of your annual income.  Gifts of any value of $100,000 or less are eligible for this benefit and you can feel good about knowing that you are making a difference for the Diocese of Rochester.

Your disbursement must come directly from the administrator of your IRA to the Diocese – you should not receive the funds first.

The check should be made payable to:

Diocese of Rochester/CMA

Please request a notation with the gift to include:

Your Name and Your Parish

Please have the check mailed to:

Diocese of Rochester
1150 Buffalo Rd.
Rochester, NY  14624

The Diocese of Rochester/CMA is a qualified charity.  The EIN or Tax ID# is 16-0755765.

Before making this type of charitable contribution, please consult with your tax advisor or IRA administrator.

All monies raised in the CMA are only used for the programs, services and ministries for which they are designated.  No gifts to the CMA are used to satisfy legal fees or settlement costs associated with abuse.

For more information about the CMA:

Colleen Brade
Director of Stewardship/Catholic Ministries Appeal